EASY GOIN‘ is a group of international musicians from the Ivory Coast, Germany, Israel, Cuba, Colombia and India, formed in Berlin in 1997.

All band members contribute their compositions and ideas. At the concerts, it is a pleasure to hear the band’s lively style and accomplished solos.

Originally arranged classics are mixed with their own compositions. The varied repertoire of Jazz Classics, Bossa Nova, Afro, Reggae, Pop, Rhythm & Blues and own songs promises an exciting concert experience.

Particularly characteristic are the three female singers, who alternate and complement each other harmoniously through skilful vocal delivery.

With a stylish appearance and a wealth of musical ideas, EASY GOIN‘ fascinates at concerts, galas and festivals.

EASY GOIN'/Easy Goin‘

Easy Goin‘



1. Africa
2. Keep on Running
3. Easy Goin'
4. Moussa
5. Rubina
6. Deni
7. Raoua
8. Autumn Is Coming

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About Album

Artists: Djatou Touré, Loomis Green, Maja Joel, Souleymane Touré, Tal Balshai, Veronika Vogel
Label: Easy Goin'@Beat Studio Berlin
Genres: Afro Beat, Funk, Jazz & Blues, Pop, Rock

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